by ZhaoYang

Toast to everyone,

What a intense game! Two days crazy & beautiful journey. And it’s truly the Golden Weekend. Hope guys enjoy the sunshine, the burn, the beer, the sweat and even tears in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We’re lucky for the late coming “plum rain season". And you guys actually bring the rain which we need after the tourney.

Congratulation to the winner and the slot gaining teams for WHBPC. Please come back again to have fun in this passionate southern country. Here’s the list of top 10 and the photo albums. Cheers.

#1 Yattarus (Nagasaki, Japan)

#2 Contry Boy (Bangkok, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

#3 Hommamon (Osaka, Japna)

#4 GloryC Drift (Taipei, Taiwan)

#5 TKWB (Hong Kong)

#6 262 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

#7 Lowrider (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

#8 Coalition (Hong Kong)

#9 JS (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

#10 CloryC Old Soliders (Taipei, Taiwan)
Result in Podium

ZhaoYang’s flickr album
ShinWei’s Facebook album
Miss Cake’s Facebook album

And the Trailer… Can’t wait to see it all.

by ZhaoYang