The result of TakaoCup 2013


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Thanks everyone to be here for the TakaoCup 2013. We have a lot of work to make it better. But, I think it’s the most exciting Hardcourt Bike Polo tournament ever in Asia. Here’s the result…

1. Low Rider羅盾(Kaohsiung)

2. Worst Case Scenario (Hong Kong)

3. Country Boys鄉村男孩(Kaohsiung/ Thailand)

4. Let’s Go Forest (Tokyo,Akita)

5. Glory C (Taipei) / Shanghai One (Shanghai)

6. 瓜襪子 (Chengdu) / Tokwawan Beaste (Hong Kong)

Girls No.1 Glory C Girl (Taipei)

Girls No.2 Natooke Pink(Beijing/ Chengdu)

All the Teams and players’ portrait.

from 揚揚

from 揚揚

Here’s some photo links…
Yache& Che’s Collection陳昭荃 FaceBook Album魏韜哲 FaceBook AlbumDuck&Others’ FaceBook AlbumShin’s FaceBook AlbumAdusa’s FaceBook AlbumChe’s After Party

And, the official video is on the way….

from 揚揚

from 揚揚

Many thanks to Mr. Wu, Kaohsiung City Councilor, and our lovely sponsors.

The Final notice of Takao Cup 2013


IMG_2026Dear Hardcourt Bike Polo friends,

This is the final. We would like to inform you the updated news and can’t wait to see you.

Court changed
We’re sorry that we move the court from Sizihwan to Cisian Junior High School. The court is as good as the Sizihwan or Daliao(the last year’s court). The size is 32 x 21 m with 60cm heights fence. It’ll be more city central, more convenient for visitors. Please check out the GoogleMap for related locations.

Please check out this two recommended hostels. Also list on the GoogleMap.
Kaohsiung Backpackers Hostel
Anchoredoff Hostel

or the Internet booking for any rate’s hotels in Kaohsiung. Like this…. If you need more options or arrangement for you, please let us know.

We now have 18 to 20 teams from USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and local from Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung. So please be arrive Cisian Junior High School before the noon of 2nd, November. We might have the first round Swiss game start from afternoon.

Guide Tour Kaohsiung
If you have time, please stay for another day in Kaohsiung. We like to guide you around Kaohsiung by your lovely polo bikes. It will start from 9AM 4th, November at Cisian Junior High School. It’s our honor to show you our vivid city.

The Takao Cup 2013, HBPC Asia is open

Dear Polo Enthusiasts,

The date of Takao Cup 2013 has been fixed at 2-3, November. We welcome you to register now, will open until 20th, October.

Register from–> Please just in text form. like..
1) team’s name
2) player’s name
3) city or location
4) foods request, like “Vegetarian"
5) number of non-player come with
6) special request or reminder
You can register by eMail to Or our Facebook.

The Court (Expected):
Hockey Court of Cisian Junior High School

Size: 32 x 21 m, PU surface.

The GoogleMap

Other detail will update soon…

The result of Takao Cup 2012

Thank you all for participating of Takao Cup. Extremely happy to have you here 2012. Here’s the the result.

No.1 桃太郎 Momotaro(Daisuke Kurishima, Osaka/Yuusaku Koyama, Osaka/Hirosi Tomita, Tokyo)

No.2 長鬃山羊 Formosan Serow(陳重元/趙健峯/柳友興,Kaohsiung)

No.3 台力桑 Tailison(ak-Mark/振德/芫彰,Kaohsiung)

No.4 貳陸貳 262(傑哥/小白/阿修,Kaohsiung)

No.5 北京 Natooke(Julian/Ben/Garbriel,Beijing)/
Glory C(阿鋒/阿豪/小游,Taipei)

No.7 羅盾 Lowrider(押切/小武/冠育,Kaohsiung)/
成都 Natooke(Larry/Jacob/Charlotte,Chengdu)

No.1 Glory C G.(Joanna/Alice/依芳,Taipei)

No.2 Natooke G.(Ines伊泉,Beijing/吳雨桐,Beijing/薇宇,Kaohsiung)

敢鬥賞 Special prize for Young Star: 趙健峯, Kaohsiung

See you next year!!!

Takao Cup 2012 is on fire



Date: 08:00, 2, December, 2012
Location: Daliao Court ( Please check out the Google Map
Court Size: 35 x 25 m ( with 110 cm hight’s fender )
Pavement: Color Concret for sport court
Goals: 180 x 90 Cm

Teams: Osaka Japan x1, Beijing x2, Chengdu China x1, Taipei x3, Kaohsiung Taiwan x5, including 2 girl teams (21.11.2012)

First round: 10 M’s game, Swiss or Round Robin (About 18 games, 3 Hours in total)
Final round: 12 M’s game, Top 8’s Double Eliminate + Girl Teems final

* The Daliao Court is open from 14:00, 1 December for Pick up game or practicing.

Takao Cup 2012 is open now

Dear Polo Enthusiasts,

Here comes the poster of Takao Cup 2012. We welcome you to register now, will open until 20th, November.

Register from–>

Please just in text form. like..

1) team’s name

2) player’s name

3) city or location

4) foods request, like “Vegetarian"

5) number of non-player come with

6) special request or reminder, like “free stay" or “all girls"

You can register by eMail to Or our Facebook.

Detail of the Takao Cup will bring to you soon. The location is still working on. We like to offer the best courts ever in Kaohsiung. Could be the Glory Pier, the same last year. Could be in the World Game Gem. Or in our favorite court in Daliao.

Invitation of Takao Cup 2012

We, the KBPA, sincerely like to invite you to join the Takao Cup Hardcourt Bike Polo Open in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The date has been fixed to 1-2, 12, 2012.
This tournament will be the once a year’s H.B.P. event in Asia. 2011 is ground zero, and we expect your participation this year.

The most common way to Kaohsiung is, flight to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(TPE) first, and then take High Speed Rail Train to Zuoying, Kaohsiung.
You can also tansfer in Hong Kong then to Kaohsiung International Airport.

The location of the courts and more info will update soon. This is the first issue of Takao Cup 2012.

If you need more information, please check out our website later, or just come back to me. Hotel booking, Flight planing, touring info, tournament detail…, we’ll do our best and your can count on us.

Looking forward to hear you.

Your sincerely,
Mark Chou, Chairman of KBPA

KBPA (Kaohsiung Bike Polo Association)


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